Rehab Mobile Home: Transforming Manufactured homes for Better Comfort and Function

A mobile home or manufactured home service is the renovation or repair of a mobile, manufactured home. Mobile home service is usually provided by specialists who have experience in dealing with these homes.

Services for mobile home rehab can be a broad range, and include:

Structure repairs include fixing damage to walls, floors, foundations, and roofs. Reinforcing the structural integrity and safety may be included.

Plumbing and Electrical Work: Services for mobile home rehabilitation may include the repair or replacement of plumbing and electrical system components, such as pipes, fixtures and wiring.

Installing or repairing HVAC systems is important to ensuring that the temperature of your mobile home can be controlled and comfortable.

Remodeling the inside of the house can be done by mobile home rehab. This includes updating flooring, cabinetry, countertops or fixtures. Painting, new appliances and upgrading insulation are all possible.

It may be necessary to repair or replace siding, window, door, and skirting. You may need to add or repair decks, ramps or porches in order to make your home more accessible.

Mobile home renovation services include energy efficient upgrades, such as installing new windows, doors or insulation. They can also install appliances and energy-efficient window treatments.

If you are looking for mobile home or manufactured home service, make sure to hire a professional or company with experience with this type of home. These professionals should have a license, be insured and know local building regulations. Ask for multiple estimates and references before you hire a contractor.

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