Carpet cleaning Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

The carpet in your home is the one that gets the most wear and tear. As more people enter your home, the dirt and debris that your carpet collects increases. Vacuuming by itself is not enough. To prolong the life and beauty your carpet, you should have it professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. These are the 5 top benefits to having your carpet professionally clean:

The carpet is extended in life.

Your carpet will last longer when you get it cleaned professionally. Over time carpet fibers accumulate dirt, debris and allergens that can degrade the quality of your carpet.

If you maintain your carpet properly, it can last for up to 10+ years. Even if you take good care of your carpet, it will only last 10 years. Your carpet will last longer if you vacuum 1-2 times each week, in between professional cleans.

2) Health benefits

The carpets will trap the dirt, dust, as well as allergens, at the soles of your footwear. Allergens and dust can affect the nose and sinuses, which can lead to breathing problems, such as asthma. Professional carpet cleaners are the only ones who can clean your carpets thoroughly and sanitize them. Professional grade products will clean your carpets below the surface and help to purify the air you breathe.

Dust and mold prevention

Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to prevent dust mites. Even though dust mites cannot be seen, they are not harmless. These tiny creatures cause severe allergies and make everyday life uncomfortable.

Dirty carpets can also be a breeding ground for mold. Mold can grow in your home if it is usually humid. Mold can become so severe that you’ll need to replace the carpet if it becomes too serious.

4) Overall look

No one wants a carpet that is dull and dingy. If you are a frequent host or spill wine, the appearance of your carpet will diminish. Carpet is a big investment – so make sure you take care of your carpet! If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home then it may be necessary to clean your carpets annually or semi-annually to keep them looking good.


Even though it may seem like an obvious thing to do, if your carpets are not cleaned, they begin to smell. Accidents do happen. You may have spilled your juice or urinate onto your carpet. Over time, the accidents will accumulate in your carpet. You can’t deep clean carpet fibers by yourself, no matter how much you vacuum. A professional carpet and house cleaning service can extract these accidents, leaving your carpet clean and smelling fresh.

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